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The Importance of Product Packaging Design and Development

The Importance of Product Packaging Design and Development

When a company is ready to launch a new product, it’s imperative that you do not forget about the importance of custom product packaging. The packaging for your goods does more than just hold the items you’re selling. Packaging is much more than that. Getting the packaging for items just right is crucial to your business. Think about how you select products that are new to you when shopping. You may be tempted by packaging that looks good or perhaps elicits an emotional response; this is why product packaging is important.

Product Packaging Design’s Function

Protect the product. The primary function of product packaging is to protect items from damage, especially during transit. The right retail packaging also protects items while being stored on shelving. Custom product packaging can protect goods from moving around during transport as well as from being squished or broken if another package were to be sat on top of it.

Attracts customers. It’s not enough that product packaging protects the goods inside. Your packaging needs to be attractive. Custom packaging services will be able to work with you to create custom printed products that not only advertise your brand but also embodies your brand. The top custom packaging services will conduct extensive research to decide which color schemes, designs, and types of product packaging will be most attractive to your audience and potential customers.

Promotes the product. Having the right design scheme will do a lot of your product promotion for your business. What will your company and product packaging be known for? Think about how Tiffany & Co. packages their items. You can immediately imagine the blue box. Apple is known for their clean, minimalistic packaging design. How do you want your product to be remembered?

Helps customers make informed decisions. Your packaging should include nutritional info, ingredients, and warn of potential risks. This information being readily available on your packaging helps consumers make the decision to buy because they know exactly what they are getting without having to speak to a sales associate.

Helps differentiate you from the competition. There may be many brands in your industry, but custom packaging can help differentiate between your products and your competitors’. Having a design that stands out will help consumers identify your product and will elicit a positive reaction.

Delivers a message to consumers. What does your packaging say about your company? Everything from your logo placement down to the font, should tell your intended customers that this is the product for them and why.

About 95% of new products fail each year because most consumers base their decision making on the product’s packaging. In essence, your packaging will drive sales. By making your product packaging part of the product experience, you are already ahead of the competition. Make sure your product packaging conveys more than what’s inside and elicits an emotional response towards your brand.