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Finding the Right Product Packaging Service for Your Company

Finding the Right Product Packaging Service for Your Company

Have you ever heard the saying, “The devil’s in the details?” When you are researching the right product packaging services for your company, you need to pay attention to the details. Custom product packaging for your products will not only keep your products safe during transit, but the will practically sell your products for you by being visually appealing to consumers.

When vetting companies that offer custom packaging services, you need to consider the following in your research.

Company history and profile.

Take the time to read a company’s profile on their website. Not only that, but most company websites provide client or customer testimonials. You are also likely to find company reviews by customers online.

Quality of their products and services.

As mentioned earlier, most companies have testimonials on their website. Consider contacting one or more of their satisfied customers to talk about the quality of their products and their services.

Compatible schedules.

You need a company that can meet deadlines, especially if you are dealing with food and beverage product packaging. You need to make sure that they can handle food packaging, and perhaps offer bottle label printing if needed, and can deliver in the required timeframe.

Provide product samples.

Companies who are proud of their products generally offer product samples. Those companies that don’t are more likely to provide subpar products.

Product costs.

Before you ask for a quote, you should have already considered your budget, what you can afford, and what you are willing to pay for. When you do ask for a quote, be detailed in your specifications and design. Specify the material you will need, for example, will you need custom printed corrugated boxes, cardboard, or carton packaging?

Option for annual audit.

If you are looking for a long-term contract, the custom product packaging service you are vetting should allow you conduct an annual audit. An annual audit will help you keep track of increases to material costs so that you can adjust your price accordingly.

Also, while vetting, take into consideration that many, if not most households are more environmentally conscious. Having custom packaging that is sustainable, recyclable, and/or environmentally friendly could be an additional selling factor to your consumer. You want to consider your product demands. The custom packaging service you work with needs to be able to work together with you to meet the demands of your customers. One of the most important things to consider is the laws and legalities in your state and the countries you sell your products in. Your packing needs to be safe. If your packaging contains, or was made with harmful chemicals, your company could be susceptible to a potential lawsuit. Discussing the materials to be used in your product packaging is integral to ensuring your brand isn’t risking bad publicity for distributing products or product packaging that is harmful.

The best decision for your company is to work with an experienced, product packaging service.